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Academic Articles

Academic Articles
Print Magazine Articles

Print Magazine Articles

Earth Island Journal (winter 2019).

Awarded the San Francisco Press Club's Greater Bay Area Journalism Award, 2019.

Source for the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art's exhibition "Jules Tavernier and the Elem Pomo."

Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine, Clear Lake, California

Scorched Earth: The Trump Administration's Public Lands Policies

The Tortoise: Issue 6 (2017).

Rae Lakes, California

Bay Nature (January 2016).

Lady Beetle, California

Ear to the ground: Harmful algal blooms

Bay Nature (October 2015).

Kelp, Monterey Bay, California
Online Magazine Articles

Online Magazine Articles

With Zdenka Myslikova. The Conversation (July 5, 2023).

Republished in FortuneAsia Times, Yahoo News, Peru Tribune, Interesse Nacional, Tech Xplore, The Herald Press, Idaho Press, Chronicle Tribune, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Skagit Valley Herald, Auburn Citizen, The Caledonian Record, Down to Earth, and other publications.

Salar del Hombre Muerto, Argentina

Other Writings

Other Writings

In addition to prose writings, I publish occasional poetry and translations. These include:

Translated by Nathaniel Dolton-Thornton and Yu Yuanyuan. Preface by Robert Hass. Deep Vellum (August 2023).

Read the Poetry Foundation's Featured Book Review.

"human fields: US EPA ID MON000705032 - hazard score: 76.81," "human fields: US EPA ID MAD990685422 - hazard score: 69.22," "human fields: US EPA ID CA7210020759 - hazard score: 63.94," "human fields: US EPA ID WA2890090077 - hazard score: 65.23," "human fields: US EPA ID WAD001865450 - hazard score: 57.80." Tupelo Quarterly (forthcoming).

“human fields: US EPA ID ARD000023440 - hazard score: 65.46.” Gulf Coast (forthcoming).

“extinct: Cylindraspis inepta.” Lake Effect (forthcoming).

“aether/oar – winter: XII,” “aether/oar – winter: XIII,” “aether/oar – winter: XIV,” “aether/oar – winter: XV,” “aether/oar – winter: XVI.” Sugar House Review (forthcoming).


Don Quixote from Rocinante’s point of view,” “The Odyssey from Argos’s point of view,” “’The Brave Little Tailor’ from the flies’ point of view.” Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review (forthcoming).


“aether/oar – flood: XXXI,” “aether/oar – flood: XXXV,” “aether/oar – flood: XXXVII.” Sixth Finch (winter 2023).

“estate.” Vallum: Contemporary Poetry (2022).

“revisions.” Constellations (2022).

Turdus ravidus,” “Acalypha rubrinervis,” “Chilonopsis subplicatus,” “Cryptoprocta spelea.” Magma Poetry 80 (2021).

Aplonis fusca.” Griffith Review 69 (2020).

Tristramella sacra,” “Stipax triangulifer,” “Priapella bonita,” “Pantanodon madagascariensis.” Poetry Salzburg Review 36 (2020).

Oodemas laysanensis.” Salamander (fall/winter 2020).

Akialoa lanaiensis,” “Columba versicolor,” “Hypotaenidia wakensis.” Sycamore Review (2020).

“Hacienda Fire,” “cinder.” TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics (2020).

“sunday,” “city,” “stopover.” Raritan (2020).

Mascarenotus murivorus,” “Akialoa stejnegeri,” “Erythromachus leguati,” “Loxops wolstenholmei.” Prism Review (spring 2020).      

“Silver Fire.” Tipton Poetry Journal (spring 2020).

Alopochen kervazoi,” “Mascarenotus grucheti,” “Dryophtherus distinguendus.” The Account (fall 2019).

“wonder.” Tin House (summer 2019).

Las Bambas Mine, Peru
Las Bambas Mine, Peru
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